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Scientific Journal

The scientific journal “Tourism, Sport and Health” is a multimedia annual periodical publication designed to be presented on the Internet. It provides a broad forum for scientific views exchange based on conducted research and discussions about theoretical, methodological and factual issues and possibility of practical application of research.

The magazine editors accept for publishing papers concerning tourism – its history, contemporary (political, economic, social) determinants of development and the impact on human health, environment and economy of various regions and countries.

Forms of the journal activities:

  • publishing of articles, reviews, scientific conference reports, conducted research
  • presentation of scientific activities exceeding beyond the traditional patterns and particularly cooperation of different scientific disciplines
  • promotion of literary work related to tourism, sport and healthy lifestyle
Structure of the journal
  • Articles
  • Overviews, reviews
  • Reports
  • Polemics
  • Literary work
    • memories and reports from trips
    • tourist values of different parts of the world in poetry

The journal includes publications in Polish language only (since 2015).

All scientific manuscripts sent to our editorial office will be published after obtaining a positive review.

Publications are accepted to print for free. The journal does not pay any fees to authors of texts. Refusal of publishing a submitted manuscript may occur as a result of initial negative opinion of the Editorial Board, a negative opinion of reviewers or if a content of a text exceeds existing legal standards or generally accepted social rules.

The journal “Tourism, Sport and Health” does not accept previously published texts.

The way of citation of articles from the scientific journal
“Tourism, Sport and Health”:
R. Rudzki, Perspektywy rozwoju turystyki zdrowotnej, „Turystyka, Sport i Zdrowie” 2011, No 1,

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