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Tourism, Sport and Health - Publishing rules

Publishing rules

Information for Authors

Manuscripts intended for publication must be submitted to the editorial office of the journal “Tourism, Sport and Health” in Polish, on a CD (doc extension) or a CD should be posted to the editorial office.


    Opole University of Technology
    Editorial Office of the scientific journal "Tourism, Sport and Health"
    ul. Prószkowska 76 bud. 9, pok. 201
    45-758 Opole
    e-mail: redakcjatsz@po.opole.pl

  • The editors reserve no return of the texts which are not accepted for publication.
  • Authors of published works do not receive any fee.

Authors of texts submitted for publishing should provide information about those who contributed to the publication (professionally, materially, financially, etc.). When the work was written by several authors, the input of individual authors to the creation of the paper should be disclosed (by stating their affiliations and giving information about authors of concepts, assumptions, methods, proceedings, etc. used in the publication preparations). The information should be provided to the editors by the Author applying for publishing.

Accordingly, authors of texts intended for publishing should send a signed statement to the editorial office.

  Declaration (doc)
  Declaration (pdf)

All scientific papers sent to our editorial office will be published after receiving positive reviews.

Editorial requirements

The first page of a work should include:
Name and surname of the Author/Authors
Name of the institution (place of work)
Address of the place of work
E-mail address

Articles should have the introduction which presents the work. It should mainly include theses of the paper, set objectives, research methods used by the Author, define the structure of work and characteristics of issues as well as analysis of sources and literature the work was based on. The main body of the work should be divided into chapters and subchapters which should include findings of presented issues. The conclusion should be a summary of the whole work. General assumptions based on conducted research should be placed in this part.

Tables, figures and illustrations occurring in an article which is intended for publishing should be included in the text and additionally in a separate file.

A scientific manuscript should be accompanied by title, abstract and key words in Polish and English.

An electronic version should be prepared using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font in 12pt. Margins of 2.5 cm, line spacing 1.5. Paragraphs should be managed by a tab.

Citations in the text of items included in the references

Citations should be used with regard to a footnote link indicated in the text by a superscript. Footnotes should be placed at the end of the work.
Footnotes should be constructed according to the following model:

Archival sources
1Archiwum Państwowe w Opolu, sygn. akt 2345/12.

Books (non-serial publications)
1J. Kowalski, Dzieje turystyki, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Poznań 2009, p. 19-24.
2See more in A. Nowosielski, Turystyka w XIX stuleciu, Wydawnictwo Naukowe "Anta", Opole 1999.

Part of a monograph
1K. Pamuła, Sukcesy polskich alpinistów w 2010 roku [in:] Uwarunkowania rozwoju alpinizmu w Europie, edited by H. Bandurski, Oficyna Wydawnicza NBR, Warszawa 2012, p. 74.

1B. Tomicki, Wpływ turystyki na rozwój gospodarczy województwa mazowieckiego,
„Turystyka” 2007, No 2, p. 21.
2J. Ślusarczyk, Pierwsi podróżnicy i turyści w Beskidzie Śląskim, „Turystyka, Sport i Zdrowie” 2011, No 2, www.tsz.po.opole.pl

Editors reserve the right to correct the language, to change the size of attached graphic elements and a text layout.

April 2021


"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2019, no 6
Actual Issue
- articles (2)
"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2014, no 5
Actual Issue
- articles (4)
- literary work (2)
"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2013, no 4
Economy and management in tourism
- articles (6)
"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2013, no 3
- articles (11)
- literary work (3)
"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2012, no 2
- articles (10)
- literary work (3)
"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2011, no 1
- articles (11)
- overviews, reviews (1)

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..is a multimedia annual periodical publication designed to be presented on the Internet. It provides a broad forum for scientific views exchange based on conducted research and discussions about theoretical, methodological and factual issues and possibility of practical application of research. The magazine editors accept for publishing papers concerning tourism – its history, contemporary (political, economic, social) determinants of development and the impact on human health, environment and economy of various regions and countries.

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