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"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2013, no 3


The descriptive analysis of professional training teachers-to-be in physical education and sport in Europe and Ukraine


Key words:
professional training, physical education teacher-to-be, European and Ukrainian pedagogical colleges and universities, information technologies

The main approaches of professional training physical education teachers-to-be are considered. The analysis of modern statement of professional training physical education teachers-to-be in European and Ukrainian colleges and universities is conducted. The underpinnings of work of physical training teachers at European schools, the ways of continuing their professional development are analyzed. The main approaches of pedagogical technologies usage including informational ones are analyzed in the process of professional training physical education teachers-to-be.


Analiza opisowa profesjonalnego szkolenia przyszłych nauczycieli wychowania fizycznego w Europie i na Ukrainie

Słowa kluczowe:
kształcenie zawodowe, przyszły nauczyciel wychowania fizycznego, instytucje szkolnictwa wyższego Europy i Ukrainy, technologie informacyjne

Rozważono główne podejścia do profesjonalnego szkolenia przyszłych nauczycieli wychowania fizycznego. Przeanalizowano obecną sytuację szkolenia profesjonalnego przyszłych nauczycieli wychowania fizycznego w szkolnictwie wyższym Europy i Ukrainy. Rozważono podstawy treści pracy nauczycieli wychowania fizycznego w szkołach europejskich, sposoby doskonalenia ich kwalifikacji. Przeanalizowano główne kierunki wdrożenia pedagogicznych technologii, w tym informacyjnych, podczas kształcenia przyszłych nauczycieli wychowania fizycznego.


Today, the international higher education system faces the problem of the transition from the traditional pedagogical paradigm to innovative type of study through the development of pedagogical techniques and, above all, development technologies strengthening of the nation's health.

In the light of the reforms of higher education in Europe and Ukraine training teachers-to-be in higher physical education is very important, it provides not only the direction of the educational process to give future teachers special knowledge, skills, but also, what is important, professional development and significant qualities of future profession. Particularly important is training teachers-to-be in physical education and sport, the development students’ intellectual capacity, capabilities, interests, motivations and values.

The conceptual content and organization regulations of physical education teachers-to-be professional training in higher education in Ukraine are based on the principles of the Law of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", State National Program "Education" ("Ukraine in XXI Century"), the National Doctrine of Education Development, Bologna declaration (1999), European Union papers, UNESCO guidelines that emphasize the importance of continuity, flexibility, availability, openness, humanistic orientation of physical education.

The new concept of the development of physical education in Ukraine requires some changes in training of physical education teachers-to-be. In recent years the interest in physical education has increased, earlier formed approaches have been reviewed. These are reflected in the content of new educational standards, curricula and programs which find the ways of improvement of teachers-to-be training.

A physical education teacher-to-be training is the process of establishing his/her identity, of developing general and professional teaching as well as cultural and professional competences which are the prerequisite for teachers’ effective future careers at schools. Professional readiness of physical education teachers-to-be acts as a coherent state of an individual which expresses the qualitative characteristics of his/her focus, awareness, professional position, image, level of mastery of professional and educational activities. Physical education teachers-to-be training faces the task of full harmonious development of students’ individuality, their spiritual, physical and mental health.

For this reason there is an urgent need to rethink the target instructions of training students of the Faculties of Physical Education according to the idea of professional activities of physical education teachers-to-be and their social role in contemporary higher professional education. That is why the descriptive analysis of innovations in the process of physical education teachers-to-be training as a pedagogical problem is very important.

The aim of the article is to analyze the changes in the process of physical education teachers-to-be training in Europe and Ukraine. To achieve the aim the following objectives are set: to outline the current state of training physical education teachers-to-be in Europe and Ukraine, to regard the importance of new technologies in the process of training teachers-to-be. The analytical, comparative methods are used in the paper.

Training students in physical education in Ukraine

On the one hand, the international educational environment in Ukraine is actively filled with innovations, there are new educational technologies which generate a plurality and diversity. We consider educational technology as a pattern thought out in every detail of joint educational activities of planning, organizing and conducting educational process to provide convenient conditions for students and teachers in high education.

The educational technology of training students in physical education is an algorithm of consistent implementation of an integrated system in educational process. This algorithm provides a clear set of matching elements and the relationship of educational activities. The main structural components of the technology are a model of the professional, educational content, participants in the learning process, pedagogical conditions and students’ readiness as a result of professional training.

The collaboration between the content of higher physical education and the requirements of social demands is ensured by extending the structure, learning content. The main educational components are: general, special, professional, educational training. By interacting with each other, they form integration areas: general and special, general and professional, special and professional. Together, these components make up the complete structure of content of training students in the field of physical education.

As it is well known, teachers-to-be training at pedagogical colleges differs from training students at colleges of physical education and sport. The first one has a basic pedagogical component. General and pedagogical training physical education teachers-to-be is a process and outcome of learning pedagogical subjects, having pedagogical practice at schools which form professional and pedagogical readiness of a future teacher to the professional activity at school with schoolchildren are considered as the main goal of professional teacher training in colleges.

In Ukraine, the structural components of general pedagogical training future teachers of physical education are teaching and learning, practical and independent practical self work. The main criteria of forming readiness to work of future teachers are pedagogical orientation, awareness of teaching methods, reflection, mastery of teaching activities. The strategy and tactics of general and educational training physical education teachers-to-be are based on the following principles: professional and pedagogical orientation, integrity, consistency, individualization and differentiation, unity of universal, personal and individual features. The technology of pedagogical training physical education teachers-to-be is a coherent set of actions, operations and procedures.

There is no doubt that the psychological and pedagogical principles of effectiveness of general pedagogical training future teachers of physical education keep updating teaching material, systematic organization of learning process of educational reality, form critical thinking of a future teacher, integration of theoretical and practical components of general educational training, using information technologies (IT) in training.

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