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"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2014, no 5

"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2014, no 5


articlesMichajlo Rutynśki  
The dynamics of development Zalishchyky resort in the era of the Polish Republic (1918-1939)
articlesJanusz M. Ślusarczyk  
General Mariusz Zaruski - a tourist and a sportsman
articlesVladimir Piotrowicz Guba, Siergiej Leonidowicz Skorovich, Vitalij Vladimirowicz Marinich  
Integral estimation of functional status of external respiratory system of qualified futsal players
articlesKsawery Jasiak  
Along the partisan trail in Rychtar forest complex (part II)

literary workMarta Czapkowska, Malwina Basta  
Report from the trail of the Eagles' Nests
literary workPrzemysław Szwej  
The trip of students from the Student Research Circle "Viator" to Zakopane

April 2021


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"Tourism, Sport and Health"
..is a multimedia annual periodical publication designed to be presented on the Internet. It provides a broad forum for scientific views exchange based on conducted research and discussions about theoretical, methodological and factual issues and possibility of practical application of research. The magazine editors accept for publishing papers concerning tourism – its history, contemporary (political, economic, social) determinants of development and the impact on human health, environment and economy of various regions and countries.

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