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"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2013, no 4

"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2013, no 4

Thematic Issue:
Economy and management in tourism

Edited by:
Małgorzata Adamska, Ph.D. Eng.


articlesMirosława Szewczyk, Agnieszka Tłuczak  
Spatial autocorrelation analysis of revenue and expenditure of foreign tourism in the European Union countries
articlesPaulina Rożkowicz  
Badanie marketingowe przedstawiające wizerunek miasta Opola wśród studentów Politechniki Opolskiej w roku 2012
articlesAnna Ambroszewska  
Ergonomics at the computer workstation - the basic principles of proper posture while working
articlesRadka Marčeková, Gabriela Nedelová  
Is wellness a part of Slovak visitors´ lifestyle?
articlesAgnieszka Górka–Chowaniec, Jolanta Staszewska  
Internal and foreign policy to support cluster development
articlesKristína Pompurová  
Segments of visitors of organized events

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"Tourism, Sport and Health"
..is a multimedia annual periodical publication designed to be presented on the Internet. It provides a broad forum for scientific views exchange based on conducted research and discussions about theoretical, methodological and factual issues and possibility of practical application of research. The magazine editors accept for publishing papers concerning tourism – its history, contemporary (political, economic, social) determinants of development and the impact on human health, environment and economy of various regions and countries.

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