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"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2012, no 2

"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2012, no 2


articlesSzymon Szarek  
The fire brigade of Chęciny as a tourist attraction of the town
articlesKatarzyna Nowacka  
The activity of Edmund Bojanowski, the patriot and the explorer
articlesRafał Chamielec  
Computer games as a modern from of recreation.
The analysis of the issue and a Polish player characteristics.
articlesJanusz M. Ślusarczyk  
The skiing and ski in the Austrian garrisons in Galicia at the turn of XIX and XX century in Polish press
articlesPaulina Rak  
The role of gastronomy in the development of tourism in Galicia - autonomous community of Spain
articlesAdam Pawlak, Wiktoria Orłowska, Magdalena Dolińska  
Stress and styles of coping with stress among adolescents
articlesPiotr Boda  
In search of origins of Tarnów (part I)
articlesGrzegorz Rak  
Evaluation of the architectural space for the tourist purposes.
The case of the Old Town in Wroclaw
articlesEwelina Żywiczyńska  
Conditions for tourism in Ciechocinek in the opinion of tourists
articlesWitalij Telwak  
Polish Historical Society and the local studies from the touring in Galicia in the late 19th and early 20th century

literary workMarcin Walotek  
“Where there’s quiet and peace, time flows slower...”
literary workMarian Szczurowski  
My mountains – the memories (part I)
literary workRobert B. Radecki  
Winter in a spa

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