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"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2011, no 1

"Tourism, Sport and Health" 2011, no 1


articlesRoman Nowacki, Katarzyna Nowacka  
Development prospects of spa tourism and recreation
in southern Poland health resorts
articlesKsawery Jasiak  
The history of the spa Cieplice in German
and Polish historiography. Outline of the problem.
articlesJanusz M. Ślusarczyk  
Historical materials in publications of the Polish Tatra Society
articlesMonika Błaszczyszyn, Józef Opara  
The Evaluation of the functional capacity
in the early period after a stroke
articlesJanusz M. Ślusarczyk  
First Polish travelers and tourists in the Silesian Beskids
articlesDaria Hołodnik, Daniel Puciato  
Planning and organizing sports ventures utilized by tennis tournaments
articlesAdam Pawlak, Wiktoria Orłowska, Magdalena Dolińska, Katarzyna Nowak, Patrycja Janoska  
A sense of loneliness among adolescents
articlesMagdalena Strąg  
Tourism of the area of the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
- difficulties and risks
articlesBożena Cholewa  
The tourist values of the Silesian Beskids
and the Żywiec Beskids – the case study
articlesKatarzyna Nowacka  
Physical games in stimulation of preschool children development
articlesOlha Zhdanova  
Activities athletic specialists of the public to regular physical training
and improving employment

overviews, reviewsRoman Nowacki  
Ecology and environmental protection. Selected issues.
Second edition, expanded release, edited by Zygmunt Wnuk, Rzeszów, 2010

April 2021


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"Tourism, Sport and Health"
..is a multimedia annual periodical publication designed to be presented on the Internet. It provides a broad forum for scientific views exchange based on conducted research and discussions about theoretical, methodological and factual issues and possibility of practical application of research. The magazine editors accept for publishing papers concerning tourism – its history, contemporary (political, economic, social) determinants of development and the impact on human health, environment and economy of various regions and countries.

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